Winstead-Severin sweeps NRA smallbore national championships

The NRA National Silhouette Championship completed action in the smallbore standard rifle event with a familiar face garnering the national championship. Cathy Winstead-Severin (Joplin, Mo.) won the smallbore standard rifle national championship with a 3-day score of 113 (39-38-36). She also won the smallbore events in Ridgway last year. Enrique Kuess Jr. (Laredo, Texas) was second overall in the aggregate with a total of 109 and Angelica Kuess Davila (Laredo, Texas) as third at 105. Alan Bruce Finley (Calhoun, La.) was the aggregate master class champion with a score of 103. Ben Marzella (Ridgway) was second at 101 and Susan Peery (Churchton, Mass.) took third at 100. Luke Johnson (Marysville) was fourth at 100 and Jerry Tureau (Baton Rouge, La.) was fifth with a score of 100. Wally Howard (Hazel Hurst) took sixth place with a mark of 100 and Kenneth M. Haupricht (Johnsonburg) was seventh at 99. William Zander (Houston, Texas) was eighth at 99 and Mark Pharr (Round Rock, Texas) had a ninth-place finish at 99. In the AAA class for the aggregate competition, Jorge Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) was the winner with a score of 103. David Leedy (Rebersburg) was second at 92 and Carlos Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) was third at 92. Scott Lurie (Browntown, Va.) was fourth with a 91 and Brad Maxwell (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) was fifth at 91. In sixth place was Larry Armstrong (Export) with a score of 88 and Kelly Engel (Brighton, Mass.) was seventh with an 87. Loren Peter (Vancouver, Wash.) was eighth with a score of 85 and G. Scott LaManna (Scotrun) was ninth with a score of 84. In the AA class for the aggregate competition, Tyler Bonson (Reedsville, Pa.) was the class winner with a score of 83. Patrick Petrillo (Hollywood, Fla.) was second with a 77 and David Gillispie (Reedsville, W. Va.) took third with a score of 75. Hunter Hinds was fourth with a 75 and Jake Sprague (Cary, N.C.) finished fifth with a 72. Mark Latham (Washington, Mo.) was sixth with a score of 72 and Peter Kofira (Endwell, N.Y.) took seventh with a 66. Thomas Danias Sr. (Erie) was eighth with a 65 and John Milliron (Kane) had a ninth-place finish with a score of 64. In A class, Ryan Labenne (Ridgway) was the aggregate class winner with a mark of 57. Alex Pierce (Lewistown) was second with a 54 and Nick Opperman (Lalucia, Durban, South Africa) was third with a 54. Mary Mackey (Russell) was fourth at 53 and Frederick Janeczko had a fifth-place mark at 51. Tom Fullem (Ridgway) was the B class winner with a score of 46. Deon Germishuizen (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) was second with a 45. In Tuesday's match results, Tureau was the match winner with a score of 37. Winstead-Severin was second overall with a 36 and Marzella was third at 36. Enrique Kuess Jr. was the master class champion with a 36 and Laura Goetsch (Whites Creek, Tenn) was second with a 35. Alan Bruce Finley was third at 34 and Wally Howard was fourth with a 34. Susan Peery took fifth with a 33 and Fred Kielbowick of Ridgway was sixth with a 33. Eric Boos (Little Rock, Wash.) took seventh with 33 and Mark Pharr was eighth at 32. Kenneth M. Haupricht was ninth at 31. Jorge Moreno was Tuesday's AAA class winner with a score of 35. Angelica Kuess Davila was second at 34 and Brad Maxwell placed third with a 33. Carlos Moreno was fourth at 31 and Kelly Engel placed fifth with a 31. Scott Lurie took sixth with a 30 and Jason Peterson (Bell Buckle, Tenn.) had a seventh-place finish with a score of 30. Loren Peter was eighth with a 29 and Enrique Kuess Sr. was ninth at 29. David Gillispie won AA class with a 26 and Tyler Bonson was second with a 26. Petrillo was third at 25 and Hunter Hinds had a fourth-place mark with a score of 24. Danias Sr. was fifth at 24 and Peter Kofira was sixth at 23. John Pavlik (Russellton) was seventh with a 22 and Milliron had a 22 to place eighth. Mark Latham was ninth with a 21 and Jake Sprague rounded out the top 10 with a 21. Duane Burleson (Sterling Heights, Mich.) was the A class winner on Tuesday with a 22. Opperman was second at 22 and Janeczko was third with a 21. Mary Mackey was fourth with a 21 and Ryan Labenne was fifth with a 19. John Jones (Mascot, Va.) was the B class winner for Tuesday with a 19. With smallbore competition now complete, the focus turns to the high power events at the high power range of the Ridgway Rifle Club. The first of three days of competition will be Thursday, with action slated for 9 a.m.