Benzinger Park pathway project

Crews are shown working on the Benzinger Park ADA parking and pathway project. Additional funding was recently approved for the project by St. Marys City Council.



ST. MARYS - Benzinger Park is undergoing renovations consisting of a parking and pathway project accessible to those with disabilities, which will be situated off of the Vine Road entrance to the park.

The project is being funded with portions of the city’s 2016 and 2017 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocations.

Recently St. Marys Director of Community Development, Tina Gradizzi, informed St. Marys City Council that prior to the start of the project the contractor and engineer suggested that additional drainage be installed to divert run-off water from the hill away from the new pathway. If this occurs the water will wash away the pathway. Gradizzi noted this done needs fairly quickly.

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