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ST. MARYS - The 2021-22 preliminary budget was reviewed in detail during a recent SMASD Board of School Directors meeting. They will continue to review the budget until June then will approve the final budget.

Business Manager Ginger Williams presented a budget consisting of revenue of $28,255,402 and expenses of $29,704,702 with a difference showing a deficit of $1,150,300.

The total revenue of $28,255,402 includes local revenue of $15,822,191, state revenue of $12,132,976 and federal revenue of $599,235.

The total expenses of $29,704,702 encompass salaries totaling $13,035,298, benefits totaling $8,972,892 and other services totaling $3,250,400.

•Local revenue at $15,822,191 consists of a large percentage from real estate taxes totaling $10,906,811, $392,000 from Act 1, $364,000 from real estate collection, $349,000 from the Homestead Act. The change from 2020-21 is 7.2% equal to $1,061,000.

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