Several presentations provided an array of information during Monday evening’s St. Marys Area School District Board of Directors meeting.
South St. Marys Street Elementary Principal Chrissy Kuhar and Assistant Principal Julie Boyer each offered presentations. Kuhar discussed the use of Seesaw, an online digital learning platform, used by the district’s elementary school teachers during in virtual learning days. 
Boyer explained the STAR educational system used at SSMSE which is used to assess math and reading skills, make instructional decisions, identify students needing academic support, and analyze data to make academic improvements. 
SMASD board member Bryan Chiappelli inquired about Gov. Wolf’s new proposal to dramatically increase funding to the state’s public schools. Superintendent Brian Toth replied the issue with Wolf’s proposal is his plan to utilize the Fair Funding Formula which he said, “has not been good to the St. Marys Area School District along with other school districts.”
Toth projected that SMAHS would receive $120,000 next year as part of the formula. 
“The Fair Funding Formula will only work if they (the state) fully fund it and they haven’t done that. They are piecemealing it and it won’t be funded for another 20 years at the rate they’re going,” Toth said.
He said he anticipates that SMASD will receive $1.13 million in stimulus funding, which will have an impact on the school district’s budget in the future and help defray some of the costs incurred as a result of the pandemic. 
Toth added he is waiting to see if the current administration gets the next stimulus passed, SMASD may receive up to $2.2 million. This funding will be restricted as to the different categories it can be used for, but would also help offset costs. 

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