Elk County Riders

Cheryl and Dan Ruffner of the Elk County Riders organization are working to plan a charity ride on July 24.



ST. MARYS - An on-road scavenger hunt for charity is taking place Saturday, July 24 as part of the “If It Ain’t Pink You Stink” event being hosted by the Elk County Riders.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Penn Highlands Elk Women’s Imagining Center.

“We hope to have one event like this every year. It’s something we can do to give back to the area,” said Cheryl Ruffner, Elk County Riders treasurer.

The event is open to Jeeps and all street legal vehicles such as ATVs and side-bysides.

Registration will take place from 9-11 a.m. at the organization’s clubhouse on Gahr Road in Kersey. The ride will start and end there as well. The cost of the event includes a picnic lunch which will be served upon everyone’s return to the clubhouse.

Cash prizes are being awarded for first, second and third place scavenger hunt winners as well as for the pinkest person and pinkish ride.

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