food bank drive thru funding

Shown are Christian Food Bank board members John Nicklas, Larry Johnson, Dave Woelfel and Tina Gradizzi, Director of Community Development for the City of St. Marys signing an agreement for a Community Development Block Grant.



ST. MARYS - The City of St. Marys and Elk County have teamed up with the Christian Food Bank to provide grant funds to the organization for the construction of a drive-thru at their facility.

The project entails the removal of a 20 ft.x 20 ft. section of the current building, which is currently being used for storage, and the addition of a 60 ft. x 24ft. steel structure with garage doors at each end along with three non-operable windows, floor drains, lighting, concrete footers and concrete aprons on each end and man doors.

The estimated cost for the project was $150,000. The city’s share is 77% or $115,000 while the county’s share is 23% or $34,500. This amount was determined as 77% percent of the food bank’s clients are from St. Marys while the remaining 23% are from outside the city.

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