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ST. MARYS - A lengthy, sometimes heated discussion ensued during Monday evening’s St. Marys City Council meeting during which a new sewer rate was proposed.

The new rate was proposed by members of the recently created sewer rate committee consisting of councilmen Andrew Mohney, Bob Roberts and Shane Schneider along with citizen representatives Jerry Sorg and Ned Jacob. The new rate was a potential solution as the city has received a large number of complaints and concerns regarding the recently implemented flat rate fee for all residential users.

The motion was voted down as the result of a tie vote. During a roll call vote councilwomen Gina Vrobel, Margie Brown and Mayor Chris

Pletcher voted against the proposal while Mohney, Roberts and Schneider voted in favor of the proposal.

Council is missing its seventh member as the vacancy left by former councilman Joe Fleming, who’s since been named city manager, has not been filled. The responsibility to fill that position was tasked with the city’s vacancy board.

The main component of the proposal would change the residential base to $42 with overage charged at $6/per 1,000 gallons for amounts used over 3,000 gallons. The current flat rate is set at $50.50 for all residential users no matter what amount of water they use.

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