Gary Schreiber plaque

St. Marys Mayor Chris Pletcher, on the left, and City Manager Joe Fleming, on the right, present a certificate of appreciation to the family of the late Gary Schreiber including his wife Pam, grandson Parker Wickett and his wife Andrea Wickett, all shown in the center.



ST. MARYS - Recently the family of the late Gary Schreiber was presented with a certificate of appreciation in recognition for his years of service to the City of St. Marys.

For 21 years Schreiber, a U.S. Air Force veteran, acted as the caretaker of the American flags displayed on the city’s downtown historic light posts located on the Diamond and along the General Edward Meyer Boulevard.

Since 1999 Schreiber has provided, stored and cared for the 18 flags displayed downtown through the summer months. Schreiber passed away in 2019 at age of 74 and since then his family has continued his efforts.

The Schreiber’s conducted a flag campaign complete with a list of sponsors who paid to replace the flags when needed. Each flag has a small sponsor plaque attached to the pole it is displayed on.

The certificate reads states the city expresses its gratitude for valued service the community and “The community of St. Marys and its citizens have benefited by their able leadership, guidance and unselfish devotions to public duty.”

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